Compliance Services

Our inspection and reporting service provided by accredited assessors will help you identify ways to improve your energy efficiency; reduce the operating costs for your building and avoid costly fines.

Services include TM44 Air conditioning inspections, suitable for buildings with a total cooling capacity of over 12kW. Display Energy Certificates (DEC) for public authority buildings; Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), which is required for buildings upon construction completion or for buildings that are rented or sold; and buildings that need to comply with Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

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Energy Services

Our commercial energy solutions deliver energy savings for any industry. We will quickly identify areas of improvement through an energy audit and survey then design, manage and deliver to your specific need, which includes providing support to access government grants.

Our services now include support for businesses in England looking to take advantage of the water deregulation from April 2017. We provide complete management of all paperwork and will help you negotiate a better price with the current supplier or switch to a better deal.

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Energy and Compliance

Our mission is to help you achieve ultimate cost and energy efficiency.

At Energy and Compliance our mission is to help SME and large organisations from any industry with single and multi site buildings reduce their energy and water consumption, achieve compliance with government regulations and ultimately cost and energy efficiency.

Our service is provided through a nationwide network of accredited assessors and engineers and aims to reduce costs through reduced consumption and includes energy and water procurement.

Our compliance service could help you;
  • Avoid Trading Standards fines per building
  • Comply to the Energy Performance of Building Regulations
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption
Our energy service could help you;
  • Receive more accurate energy bills
  • Secure a lower energy prices 12 months in advance
  • Easily switch supplier or renew your contracts

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